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Childern Fees Financing

With the growing use of technology, increase in demand of quality education at school levels has increased and due to this education cost has increased which has shaken the financial plans of the families. Education sector is not spared from the demand of financial needs from the Banks/NBFCs.

With the focus to make the quality education within the reach of each and every future calibre of our country we have come up with a product named “Children Fees Financing”

What is Children Fees Financing?

CFF means financing the education cost of children, thus helping numerous families to manage their financial plans as per their set goals.

How the concept of CFF works?

The whole fees of the child will be financed by the financial institution and parents will be given the option to repay the loan amount in 4-7 equal monthly instalments which will be a Zero cost EMI. Due to such EMI the burden of paying hefty fees to schools gets reduced and parents can manage finance accordingly.

Benefits to Parents:

  • Zero cost EMI loan i.e interest free loan
  • Facility to repay in 4-7 EMIs
  • Zero paper work involved
  • Reduction of burden from paying hefty fees of education upfront
  • No prepayment charges

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